Surfpassion in Ondalonga 2017 - Galicia - Spain

Surfpassion was there!

Ondalonga, takes place in Galicia, a place known as El Pedrido: where more than 150 surfers have been cited on the beach of the order, to surf, possibly the longest wave in Spain. The Ondalonga is a meeting of longboard enthusiasts, who want to enjoy a bath sharing together what is possibly the longest wave in Spain.

We share with you a Collage of images captured during the course of the event, by two members registered on the surfpassion platform.


Sharing the experience of having lived Ondalonga is much more than sharing surf, is to share values, passion, friendship, effort, tenacity, companionship … is to share the fatigue of the long row. And it is to enjoy surfing in a group the same wave with other surfers that you do not know anything but with whom you share passion.

Pictures captured during the event…

Boards exhibition:

Surfers going to the beach:

Surfers going to take the picture:

Ready for the picture:

The last ones:

Immortalizing the moment:

After the picture:

Walking to the waves:


Sea of surfers rowing against the corrent:

Surfing de long waves:

5 surfers surfing de same wave:

Friendly spirit (ejoying de sema wave):

This video is a small fraction of what has been shared in the water …
Hike crossing all the sand, rowed long and exhausting and overcome by madness …

It is a real pride to be able to share these feelings and values by sport, nature and friends …

Long life surfpassion!

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