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    Compilation of the world's biggest waves ever surfed! World record waves around 100ft (30m) rogue waves, largest waves world record Biggest wave in the world Large wave, swell storm tsunami, code, red, jaws, teahupoo

    Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing.

    Challenging deadly waves in harsh weather and ocean conditions takes a very serious approach.
    Big wave surfers are not interested in performance.

    Forget perfect cutbacks, stunning floaters or breathless aerial antics.

    The profile of a big wave rider is the result of several unparalleled personal characteristics.

    Fear is always present in a 50-foot wave.

    Fear is the best way of managing the risk of paddling for a huge wave face, which doesn't tell you what is going to happen and how it is going to break.

    Monster waves tend to move quickly and force surfers to get away of the powerful whitewater.

    Big waves are lethal even for the most experienced extreme riders.

    The best big wave surf spots in the world have claimed several lives in the last decades.

    Laird Hamilton is the first professional big wave surfer.

    The waterman from Maui defies fast, hollow and high waves with a full-time training and previous preparation.

    Hamilton, the father of tow-in surfing, takes on the entire big wave spots of the Hawaiian Islands, in helicopter style.

    Garrett McNamara is one of the toughest big wave challengers.

    After riding a spectacular 78-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, the Hawaiian waterman entered the Guinness World Records with the biggest wave ever surfed.

    The 55 best big wave surfers of all time is an exclusive extreme surfing club.

    From Jaws to Mavericks, Puerto Escondido, Punta Lobos, Ghost Trees, Belharra, Shipstern Bluff and Todos Santos, these riders have set up a new scale in the definition of giant waves.

    Carlos Alberto Burle Filho ( Recife , 9 of November of 1967 ) is a surfer Brazilian , the most renowned of the country today.

    You can go back to the Guinness Book with the biggest wave surfing on the planet beating the 30m mark of American Garrett McNamara in Nazaré, Portugal.

    World Champion in Giant Waves, Burle caught the eye of the world in November 2001 in Mavericks , Calif.

    , When he surfed the biggest wave ever recorded so far, at 68 feet (22 meters).

    But this feat was only possible thanks to Tow-in , a mode introduced to surfing.

    For this, Burle had the experience of another big rider (giant wave surfer) to tow him, also the Pernambuco Eraldo Gueiros.

    Robert Staunton Naish (born April 23, 1963 in La Jolla, San Diego, California) is one of the first athletes to have gained long-lasting international fame in the sport of windsurfing.

    At a young age, his father, competitive surfer and surfboard shaper Rick Naish, moved the family from California to Kailua, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

    It was there, at the age of 11, that Robby took up the fledgling new sport of windsurfing.

    Shortly thereafter, in 1976, he won his first overall World Championship title, at the age of 13.

    As an international sports celebrity, Naish has been featured in numerous films, videos, news reports, and articles.

    As of 2006, thirty years after his first World Champion title, popular lines of sailboards, sails, and kitesurfing equipment are marketed worldwide under the Naish name.

    Al Mennie
    Anthony Tashnick
    Ben Wilkinson
    Bob Pike
    Brock Little
    Buzzy Trent
    Carlos Burle
    Chris Bertish
    Danilo Couto
    Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko
    Dave Kalama
    Dave Wassel
    Gabriel Villaran
    Garrett McNamara
    George Downing
    Brad Gerlach
    Gerry Lopez
    Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn
    Greg Long
    Greg Noll
    Ian Walsh
    Jamie Sterling
    jason polakow
    Jay Moriarty
    Jeff Clark
    Jeff Rowley
    Jose Angel
    João de Macedo
    Kai Lenny
    Kai Barger Keala Kennely
    Ken Bradshaw
    Ken Colllins
    Koby Abberton
    Kohl Christensen
    Laird Hamilton
    Laurie Towner
    Mark Foo
    Mark Healey
    Mark Mathews
    Mark Visser Maya Gabeira
    Mercedes benz
    Mike Parsons
    Nathan Fletcher
    Pat Curren
    Peter Mel
    Ramon Navarro
    Robby Naish
    Richie Fitzgerald
    Ross Clarke-Jones
    Sebastian Steudtner
    Shane Dorian
    Sion Milosky
    Zach Wormhoudt $$$ huhi tsm windsurfing skt

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